Reading science news

What is happening in science news today? There’s too much of it to follow and sometimes we just want the gist of it. As an experiment in “Uncreative Writing” (See Kenneth Goldsmith’s book of that name), I’m presenting a take on the science news of the day.

To generate this look at the news, I’m starting with the Knight Science Journalism Tracker‘s (most excellent) posts, as a proxy for what is science news-making, and then following the links to the all the stories it highlights. Then I extract the first sentence from each of those articles and concatenate the whole lot in order for each day.

I skip links that lead to lists of links, to other KSJT pages, or to purely photographic pieces, and just use links that lead to what might reasonably be called an “article”.

Reading these pieces is a slightly surreal experience, but one tinged with an impartation of the key science news of the day.

This project ran from January 1 to January 31, 2013 but has now concluded.

You can read the collection of posts here.