Week 1: Stamping letters and numbers

I started playing with rubber stamps last year as a way to experiment with simple placement of letters and numbers on a blank page. It’s not exactly fine typography, but helps me understand a little more about how placement of characters has its effect. Apart from that, it is also quite fun!

Primarily, the cards are a way to experiment without overthinking, as each is done very rapidly. Each draws on some gut feeling for how the page might work. In my experiments so far, those done fastest and with the least thought have turned out to be the most effective in hindsight.
I use individual rubber stamps and a small stamp pad, stamping each letter one by one. That gives a very haphazard look to the letters and stops them being nicely aligned, but brings out the individuality of the letters, something I am looking to do here. I am stamping on cheap 3″x5″ plain index cards and working fast just to see how they come out. I’ll scan them all and post them one each day on a separate blog. Your responses to them are very welcome!