2 thoughts on “I.102”

  1. Back at the office today — after the conference — and still feeling recharged, I realized an important component of all of this: being away from work in a somewhat work-related environment is different than just going on vacation. Sometimes when I come back from vacation I just feel behind once I get back to my desk — I lose the feeling of relaxation so quickly as I try to catch up with what I missed. After this kind of work-related break I don’t feel behind, because I did in fact remain connected. But I also had the chance to step away and look at it all more effectively from the outside. And can now dive back in with renewed energy.

    (Which is NOT to say that I don’t love vacations too. . . )

  2. Indeed getting that bigger view and outside perspective is one of the most important parts of conferences. It was great to see you at AGU!

    It’s interesting that you feel a conference can be more relaxing than a vacation. I have felt the same way. I think it’s a sign that we have trouble disconnecting from our jobs sufficiently though!

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