Science and design barcamp

Basic idea: Bring scientists and designers together for a weekend to see how design can make science more effective, efficient, or enjoyable.

– Physical stuff: Equipment (glassware, tools, etc.)/labeling, recording devices, lab notebooks
– Shared space planning: corridors, shared spaces, public spaces
– Intrascience communication: Conference posters, advertising/event spaces, conference booths, conference forms
– Interscience communication: Colloquia, conference booths, etc.
– Outreach: publications, visitor centers, handouts, schwag, new forms, web
– Personal space planning: Office arrangements, lab space
– Behavioral: Travel, visiting/remote office, two-body problem
– Sociological: Team dynamics, group meetings, work sharing, collaboration tools/techniques, recognition of contributions (esp. in collaboration)
– Administrative: Paper preparation, grant preparation, whereami?
– Community: equivs of arxiv, SPIRES, blog networks, conference ARGs, etc.
– Innovation drivers: Sharing, meeting, cross-fertilization
– Play: Games, ARGS, quizzes, activities, ice-breakers

Designers: Questions, observations, offerings
Scientists: Problems, annoyances, common behaviors, norms, time allocation
Have a set of questions to answer to find problem areas. e.g.
– What do you waste most time on? (Specifically)
– What do you feel like should be easier?
– What items do you use most on while at your desk? In your lab?
– What action do you repeat most often in a day?
– What rule do you find most constraining?
– How do you travel to/from work?
– What times do you usually go to/from work?
– What is the most enjoyable part of a typical day?
– What is the most annoying part of a typical day?
– What behavior did you need to learn for your job?

Big Qs for us as planners:
What’s the incentive for designers to attend?
– possible contracts/projects/portfolio pieces
What’s in it for scientists?
– possible solutions