Hosting Dr Kiki’s Science Hour

Today I have the great pleasure of hosting Dr Kiki’s Science Hour on You can watch the show live at It’ll be on at 4pm Pacific Time.

My guest is Julian Voss-Andreae, an exceptionally good science artist who I came across many years ago. I eagerly await his new pieces to see what he’ll come up with next!

If you’re just dropping in here from the show, welcome! Take a look at the Sciartica magazine project and consider contributing something!

Update: You can watch the episode here.

2 thoughts on “Hosting Dr Kiki’s Science Hour”

  1. Great job with Julian, professional interviewing skills — phone calls, anyone? I liked his and your comments on art and science/tech and going against the common practice of emphasizing tech. I hope Kiki has you back again as a host.


  2. Thanks, Michael! I can only put my performance down to a past life in radio but it really helps to have somebody as interesting and easy to talk with as Julian.

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