Week 8: How twitter might change news

Well, I’m not exactly keeping up a weekly project every week but I thought I might as well number sequentially and in some weird dream land I might catch up to the actual week number… but anyway…

This week, the creation is another essay. It might seem like cheating a little but I think that writing this particular analysis was creative in its own way. I absorbed myself in a process and learned a lot and then created by distilling it.

Essentially I watched a news story break over twitter, and then inspired by a comment about the fast news cycle, started to think about the implications for how people will react to conventional fast-breaking news stories in the future. I asked a question about it, which provoked some discussion, and that led to me fleshing out my thoughts in this essay.

The essay is over on Cathemeral Thinking but this is how it starts:

On Thursday morning (US Pacific Time), March 12, 2009, a piece of debris came close enough the International Space Station to require the astronauts to take refuge in the Soyez module, just in case there was a collision. In the end, the debris passed by without incident.

I experienced this event almost entirely through twitter. This essay is to share my experience about how this is an example of ways in which somebody can follow news in a format completely different from conventional news reporting. This experience is, obviously, peculiar to me, in that only I follow my set of twitter users, and this is my personal reaction to it. However, I believe that this kind of process is starting to occur for many more people and it changes the way those people will use conventional news reporting.

For the rest, jump over here.